Yoga and Pilates might be rooted in different traditions, but I teach both with a similar approach. My aim is simply is to help students to use either system as a means of exploring and developing skills that allow them to move through life with greater ease.


This means building strength and flexibility where they are useful, while striving always to release unnecessary tension. As the process unfolds, you learn to tune in to your body’s natural rhythms and movement patterns.


This can bring a very real sense of liberation that doesn’t require you to have faith in anything other than your own innate, embodied wisdom.

I offer personal, one to one lessons in both yoga and Pilates, working closely with you to develop an individual practice. I also conduct regular public classes in Woodford. Watch the video here or look around my site to learn more about my approach and if you’re interested, please get in touch via my Contact page or the information at the bottom of each page.

Martin Yelverton | Buckhurst Hill | Tel: 07917 468647 | Email: