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Happy People Doing Yoga

Stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed?
How would it be to feel a little more at peace with life and yourself?

I can help you nurture your natural inner resources to live with greater ease, even when life gets tough. Through mindful movement practices and meditation, you can free yourself from deeply ingrained tensions that fuel many problems.

My methods incorporate yoga, mindfulness and Pilates. Any one of these paths – or a personally tailored blend of them – can be a gateway to a more balanced journey through life.

I offer one-to-one guidance, in person if you are near me in London or online anywhere in the world. Alternatively, you could could try my live classes, both in person and online. Find out more below.

People Doing A Simple Yoga Stretch


I teach straightforward, down-to-earth yoga using functional physical practices – postures, movements and breath work – as a form of self inquiry.

There are undoubtedly benefits to be had in terms of strength and flexibility, but the real power of yoga is uncovering and freeing yourself from the tensions that life conditions into your body and mind.

This helps you to do even the strongest work – both on and off the mat – with ease and to embrace life fully present in the moment.

I offer work from a wide range of yoga traditions including hatha, vinyasa and yin, and regularly guide yoga nidras – the powerfully restorative practice of yogic sleep that is in fact one of the deepest forms meditation.

See here for details of my classes or get in touch if you are interested in one-to-one study.

Couple Meditating

Mindfulness and meditation

Every experience we have from the moment we are born leaves its mark on us – and what we are now reflects this conditioning. It’s what underpins the things we do on autopilot.

Not noticing what we do on autopilot – the habits of body and mind we might not even be aware of – can lead to much of our suffering, both physical and psychological.

A committed mindfulness practice can help you uncover your unconscious conditioning and begin to release it. It is a highly effective path that has been shown by research to help with a wide range of problems including pain, addiction, depression and anxiety.

Learning to meditate is at the heart of mindfulness, but it also offers a huge toolkit of practical techniques to use throughout your life.

I can guide you through a comprehensive eight-week mindfulness course or help you to craft a shorter programme to suit your circumstances, or we could meet up for standalone sessions.

I run a mindfulness group in Buckhurst Hill but I am also available for personal mindfulness coaching either via Zoom or in person. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Pilates Class


If you want a slightly stronger kind of physical workout than you get with yoga – although also an extremely mindful one – consider Pilates.

The system originally developed by Joseph Pilates last century was a series of 34 mat-based exercises but has evolved over the decades into a much wider-ranging form of training that can help build strength and flexibility.

The 34 classical mat Pilates exercises are at the heart of the way I teach it, but I also incorporate work from a broad range of other movement systems including kung fu and qigong.

The result is a fun, effective full-body workout that is accessible and adaptable to just about any body – and one that emphasises full engagement of the mind for maximum benefit.

See here for details of my Pilates classes or get in touch if you are interested in one-to-one study.

Martin Yelverton

About me

I have practised yoga and meditation for more than 25 years, and taught for seven. In addition to my personal classes, I also teach at a studio and a school in my neighbourhood in London. My students range in age from eight years old to 84.

I have internationally recognised industry qualifications: a Level 3 Diploma in Yoga Teaching certified by ITEC and a YMCA-certified Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates.

I studied at the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation in Oxford and am accredited to offer its Mindfulness Now programme, an eight-week course recognised by the British Psychological Society.

I remain a constant student, learning from a wide range of teachers and texts, but, even more importantly, from my personal practice, which is where I test all the theory I learn and the source from which all that I offer flows.

The practices I teach have been hugely important to my own life – life-saving, in fact. I have grappled with depression and addiction over the years, and meditation and yoga have been crucial in my recovery (11 years sober, one day at a time).

My approach to teaching

While I provide detailed guidance in the methods of yoga and Pilates, the most important thing I try to encourage in students is self empowerment.


This means truly embracing the idea that every human body is unique and that the best way to carry out any movement or posture is your own way. In other words, you don’t try to make your body suit the work; you try to make the work suit your body.


Sounds simplistic, but it’s very liberating. It’s a recognition of the fact that however much I might be able to inspire, teach or encourage you, you are in fact your own best teacher.


Mindfulness is also a highly personal path. Via guidance in techniques that have long been shown to be effective, you learn to develop a practice to suit your own circumstances and approach to life.

People Doing Yoga

Practise with me

One to one
If you are near me in East London, I offer one-to-one in-person sessions teaching yoga, Pilates or mindfulness, or even a personalised blend of all three. We can also do the same via Zoom.

My rates for in-person one-to-ones are £35 a session or £90 for three. On Zoom, it’s £30 a session or £75 for three.

If you’re interested in one-to-one work, please get in touch for a chat; telephone, text or WhatsApp 07917 468 647, or email

Mindfulness group

I run a weekly mindfulness session from 9.30-10.30am on Fridays in Buckhurst Hill, London.

In a friendly group setting, you learn and practise meditation and mindfulness techniques that can help you live a more relaxed and centred life. These sessions are suitable for anyone from complete beginners to experienced practitioners.


Spaces are limited, so please contact me by telephone or text on 07917 468 647, or email at, to secure a spot. These sessions cost £10 a time. You can pay in cash or by direct payment to my bank account (M Yelverton, acc no: 10584447, Sort code: 60-24-25).


I run a weekly group Pilates class for men from 6.15-7.15pm on Mondays at Wanstead Works, 34-40 High Street, Wanstead E11 2RJ.

It costs £12 a class and you will need to bring a mat. Book securely online here or secure your place by making a direct payment to my bank account (M Yelverton, acc no: 10584447, Sort code: 60-24-25) and contact me by telephone or text on 07917 468 647, or email at, to let me know that you have done so.

Yoga and Pilates at Featherbeats

I teach two weekly classes at Featherbeats gym in Woodford Green, London: Pilates from 8.30-9.15am on Saturdays and yoga from 12.15-1pm on Sundays. If you are interested in attending these classes, please secure your place via the Featherbeats website here.

Live online classes
I offer a weekly yoga and a weekly pilates class live on Zoom on a pay-by-donation basis. For these two online classes, there is no obligation to pay anything at all if you cannot afford to do so, but if you can, I would be extremely grateful if you might consider a suggested donation of £7 a class.

My bank details for donations:
M Yelverton, acc no: 10584447, Sort code: 60-24-25.

If you have any medical conditions that require you to seek a doctor’s advice before exercising, for example heart problems or high blood pressure, please do so before participating.

Make sure you have Zoom installed on whatever device you’re using, then click the link for the class you want to join at the appropriate time.

I rely wholly on the kindness of students paying voluntary donations to maintain these sessions. If you can spare a donation, it would be much appreciated but if you cannot afford one, please feel free to join as the class links below are not behind  a paywall.

Morning yoga (Thursdays, 9.15-10.15am) – Physical practices to explore being present. Sometimes strong, sometimes gentle: start class.

Morning Pilates (Sundays, 9-10am) – Modern Pilates for a good full-body workout: start class.

Insight Timer
I also do regular live yoga sessions on the Insight Timer app, where I also offer guided meditations to stream. All of this offered free with the option to pay by donation via the app. If this interests you, download Insight Timer for free and search Martin Yelverton to follow me and find my offerings.

What some of my students say

“Martin’s classes are fun, varied and suitable for all levels as he guides you expertly so you progress and feel thoroughly exercised without injury. I have attended his Pilates and yoga classes regularly for over four years and there’s never a dull moment as Martin always offers something new to try or think about, making sure you grow stronger both physically and mentally.” – Pamela Tindall

“Martin is an excellent teacher. His class is well thought out with very clear and informative instructions. I have benefited greatly in both flexibility and strength and would highly recommend his class.” – Helen Coffey

“Martin, your Pilates classes are so enjoyable. It’s a tough workout and you make it so much fun. You always take the time to demonstrate and explain the exercises really clearly, and you understand that we’re all individuals with strengths and weaknesses. I have grown stronger and more balanced since doing your Saturday morning online Pilates classes. It’s a brilliant way to start the weekend.” – Ada Laight

“Martin is the most patient yoga teacher I have had. He moves at the pace that’s right for me, not him, and takes the time to explain and demonstrate every move until I feel comfortable with it.” – Eleanor Levy

“I was apprehensive, to say the least, before my initial yoga session with Martin. However, I needn’t have worried as he made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the outset. After the second session I felt confident in many of the positions and overall it was a very positive and enjoyable experience.” – Tina Wild

“Martin transformed my approach to yoga and has helped me to go so much further with my practice. I love that his teaching isn’t just about hitting the right shapes, it’s about your personal progress, and about relaxation and the mental benefits too. Martin is such a lovely teacher – he is really clear and patient, and clearly cares about his pupils’ specific needs and ability rather than just teaching a generic class. I could really feel myself learning lots and progressing in every class, and I feel calmer, stronger and healthier.” – Samantha Sharman

“Martin is an inspiring instructor who teaches with conviction. His passion for yoga is reflected in his classes which are always a joy to attend.” – Shelley Rouse

“I thoroughly enjoyed every practice with Martin as he bought something different each time. I learnt so much from him, and would always come away feeling strong with the practice and also well rested – be warned, you’ll feel it the next day. I’ve been to many different yoga teachers over the years, in different parts of the world, and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that if I had to pick anyone to do yoga with today it would have to be Martin.” – Rosie Holland

“During my yoga sessions with Martin I felt very comfortable, and confident that I was being taught safely and appropriately. Martin has a very calming yet instructive teaching method. I always finished the session feeling relaxed and calm – mind, body and spirit.” – Lisa Leveridge

“My yoga practice with Martin left me feeling refreshed in body and spirit. He is unfailingly encouraging and positive during well-planned and smoothly paced sessions which inspire and build confidence.” – Clare Cheeseright

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