What some of my lovely students have said

“Martin is the most patient yoga teacher I have had. He moves at the pace that’s right for me, not him, and takes the time to explain and demonstrate every move until I feel comfortable with it.” – Eleanor Levy

“Martin is an inspiring instructor who teaches with conviction. His passion for yoga is reflected in his classes which are always a joy to attend.” – Shelley Rouse

“Martin transformed my approach to yoga and has helped me to go so much further with my practice. I love that his teaching isn't just about hitting the right shapes, it’s about your personal progress, and about relaxation and the mental benefits too. Martin is such a lovely teacher – he is really clear and patient, and clearly cares about his pupils' specific needs and ability rather than just teaching a generic class. I could really feel myself learning lots and progressing in every class, and I feel calmer, stronger and healthier – thanks so much Martin!” – Samantha Sharman

“I thoroughly enjoyed every practice with Martin as he bought something different each time. I learnt so much from him, and would always come away feeling strong with the practice and also well rested – be warned, you’ll feel it the next day. I’ve been to many different yoga teachers over the years, in different parts of the world, and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that if I had to pick anyone to do yoga with today it would have to be Martin. Just being in his presence is good enough for me.” – Rosie Holland

“I was apprehensive, to say the least, before my initial yoga session with Martin. However, I needn’t have worried as he made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the outset. After the second session I
felt confident in many of the positions and overall it was a very positive and enjoyable experience.”

– Tina Wild

“During my yoga sessions with Martin I felt very comfortable, and confident that I was being taught safely and appropriately. Martin has a very calming yet instructive teaching method. I always finished the session feeling relaxed and calm – mind, body and spirit. Thank you Martin!” – Lisa Leveridge

“My yoga practice with Martin left me feeling refreshed in body and spirit. He is unfailingly encouraging and positive during well-planned and smoothly paced sessions which inspire and build confidence.” – Clare Cheeseright

Martin Yelverton | Buckhurst Hill | Tel: 07917 468647 | Email: yogayelvy@gmail.com