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What some of my students have said

“Martin's classes are fun, varied and suitable for all levels as he guides you expertly so you progress and feel thoroughly exercised without injury. I have attended his Pilates and yoga classes regularly for over two years and there's never a dull moment as Martin always offers something new to try or think about, making sure you grow stronger both physically and mentally.” – Pamela Tindall

“Martin is an excellent teacher. His class is well thought out with very clear and informative instructions. I have benefited greatly in both flexibility and strength and would highly recommend his class.” – Helen Coffey

“Martin, your Pilates classes are so enjoyable. It's a tough workout and you make it so much fun. You always take the time to demonstrate and explain the exercises really clearly, and you understand that we're all individuals with strengths and weaknesses. I have grown stronger and more balanced since doing your Saturday morning online Pilates classes. It's a brilliant way to start the weekend.” – Ada Laight

“A professional, caring and engaging yoga teacher. And one of the most important things for me, especially since the classes have gone online, Martin is easy to hear while he guides the moves the whole way through.” – Brenda Tucker Lowell

“Martin is the most patient yoga teacher I have had. He moves at the pace that’s right for me, not him, and takes the time to explain and demonstrate every move until I feel comfortable with it.” – Eleanor Levy

“I was apprehensive, to say the least, before my initial yoga session with Martin. However, I needn’t have worried as he made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the outset. After the second session I felt confident in many of the positions and overall it was a very positive and enjoyable experience.” – Tina Wild


“Martin transformed my approach to yoga and has helped me to go so much further with my practice. I love that his teaching isn't just about hitting the right shapes, it’s about your personal progress, and about relaxation and the mental benefits too. Martin is such a lovely teacher – he is really clear and patient, and clearly cares about his pupils' specific needs and ability rather than just teaching a generic class. I could really feel myself learning lots and progressing in every class, and I feel calmer, stronger and healthier – thanks so much Martin!” – Samantha Sharman


“Martin is an inspiring instructor who teaches with conviction. His passion for yoga is reflected in his classes which are always a joy to attend.” – Shelley Rouse

“I thoroughly enjoyed every practice with Martin as he bought something different each time. I learnt so much from him, and would always come away feeling strong with the practice and also well rested – be warned, you’ll feel it the next day. I’ve been to many different yoga teachers over the years, in different parts of the world, and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that if I had to pick anyone to do yoga with today it would have to be Martin. Just being in his presence is good enough for me.” – Rosie Holland

“During my yoga sessions with Martin I felt very comfortable, and confident that I was being taught safely and appropriately. Martin has a very calming yet instructive teaching method. I always finished the session feeling relaxed and calm – mind, body and spirit. Thank you Martin!” – Lisa Leveridge

“My yoga practice with Martin left me feeling refreshed in body and spirit. He is unfailingly encouraging and positive during well-planned and smoothly paced sessions which inspire and build confidence.” – Clare Cheeseright

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