Classes are online during the coronavirus crisis

I have closed down my in-person classes for the duration of the coronavirus crisis and am instead doing regular live online yoga and Pilates sessions.  If you're interested,  here's the technical info required to get set up for participation...

You need to download an app called ZOOM Cloud Meetings; you can do it on desktop or laptop computers,  as well as smartphones,  iPads etc (search the Apple App Store or Google Play); depends what size screen you want to watch the classes on.  First step is to install the app; once that's done, you're ready to roll.

The links to the classes are posted below on this page. When you click the link at the appropriate time,  it takes you into the app for the class. It's by no means a Hollywood production, but if you simply want to practice in a live online community, it gets the job done.

I am offering these sessions on a pay-whatever-you-want basis. There is no obligation to pay anything at all, but if you would like to offer me a tip, I would be extremely grateful. My bank details: M Yelverton, acc no: 10584447, Sort code: 60-24-25.

At my in-person classes, I stress that you are the only person who can keep you safe while practising yoga postures or Pilates exercises: this means paying full attention to sensations in your body and never doing anything that causes you pain. Simply put: if it hurts, don't do it. This is even more important when doing an online class at home without direct teacher feedback.

If you have any medical conditions that require you to seek doctor's advice before exercising, for example heart problems or high blood pressure, please do so.

Online classes schedule and Zoom links

Make sure you have Zoom installed on whatever device you're using, then click the link for the class you want to join at the appropriate time.

Evening relaxation (Tuesdays, 7.30-8pm)
– Guided meditation based on yoga nidra, a deep body scan to help you release tension: start class 

Morning yoga (Thursdays, 9.30-10.30am) – Physical practices to explore being present. Sometimes strong, sometimes gentle, always accessible: start class

Evening yoga (Thursdays, 7.30-8.30pm) – Physical practices to explore being present. Sometimes strong, sometimes gentle, always accessible: start class

Morning Pilates (Saturdays, 9-10am) – Modern Pilates for a good full-body workout: start class

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