A modern approach to yoga and Pilates

I first started exploring yoga about 20 years ago when I picked up BKS Iyengar’s classic book Light on Yoga. I developed a personal practice using this guide and instructional videos (the days before YouTube!), but did not study formally with a yoga teacher.


Instead, I drifted into traditional Chinese martial arts and studied Hung Gar kung fu with one of the best teachers in Europe; this became my focus, with yoga in the background as a secondary practice. 
Not being a warrior-like soul, perhaps inevitably I drifted away from kung fu and into a full-time committed daily yoga practice a few years back. Pilates has come more recently, in the past two years, and I find the two practices complement each other beautifully.


I’ve never had a guru or any one teacher, preferring instead to drift around studying with as many as possible. I draw deep inspiration and learn from a wide range of movement practices – functional, primal, somatic, animal... whatever: if it moves, it inspires me.

The heart of my practice is what I do at home, exploring what I learn from other teachers and the courses I attend. What works for me, I embrace; what doesn’t, I chuck out – and I encourage all students to do the same, taking full ownership of their practice.


I have an internationally recognised Level 3 diploma in yoga teaching, awarded by the qualifications agency ITEC after a 200-hour training programme at Air Yoga Studio in South Woodford, London. I also have a Level 3 YMCA-awarded diploma in teaching Pilates, attained after a six-month course with Health and Fitness Education Ltd.

Martin Yelverton | Buckhurst Hill | Tel: 07917 468647 | Email: yogayelvy@gmail.com